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Discover the peace and quiet joy that live in the depths of your being.

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Our essential being

‘The knowledge of our being is not only the most profound knowledge possible but also the most precious. It is the source of peace and happiness for which all people long and the foundation for the resolution of all conflicts.’
– Rupert Spira

Everyone has the sense of ‘being myself’, but not everyone knows their self clearly because our sense of self is mixed up with the content of our experience. As a result, our natural condition of peace and happiness is veiled.

The meditations and teachings on this Luminous app have been carefully selected to take us back to our essential being, or true nature, again and again until we find ourselves naturally and effortlessly established there, as that. In time, experience loses its capacity to veil our essential being, and its innate peace and joy emerge from the background of experience.

The Luminous app is designed to present non-dual understanding in a clear, simple and experiential way that enables anyone to find happiness and the resolution of conflict, anxiety and stress.

Key Features

Download Luminous for free and you will receive a daily guided meditation and a daily contemplation. With a Luminous subscription, you can access the extended library, find meditations on key themes to explore at your own pace and access the meditations from guest contributors. There is also a further option to upgrade to include a subscription to the Rupert Spira archive.

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A daily meditation — Each day, you’ll receive a new recording designed to explore the depths of simply being.

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A daily quote — Sent as a notification, this is a gentle pointer to the peace behind the drama of experience.

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Introductory meditations — Twelve recordings that outline the foundation of the understanding.

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Luminous Library — Access to the extended library of daily meditations conveniently arranged by topic.

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Extended meditations — Longer meditations on key topics such as Reality, Awareness, Nature of Being, and more.

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Meditations to share — Invite your friends to enjoy some of your favourite meditations.

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Guest Contributors — Recordings from select teachers chosen by Rupert.

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Wisdom — Listen as Rupert reads passages from sacred texts that express the non-dual understanding.

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Favourites — Curate your personal library of meditations you’ll enjoy returning to.

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Access to community features.

To explore even further the ever-present peace and happiness behind all experience, subscribe to – Rupert’s entire expanding archive containing thousands of hours of dialogues, meditations and more.

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Luminous brings presence and awareness to your everyday life. Embark on a journey of inner peace today.

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Peter Dziuban is a lecturer and author on spirituality and Consciousness. He has studied in this field for over 40 years, since attending the University of Notre Dame. His talks and books – 'Consciousness Is All' and 'Simply Notice' – have helped thousands experience greater clarity, happiness and freedom in life.

Richard Lang is a teacher of the 'Headless Way' and gives workshops internationally. He is the author of ‘Seeing Who You Really Are’ and Open to the Source - selected Teachings of Douglas Harding’ 
Richard first saw who he really was when he attended a workshop with Douglas Harding in 1970 and is committed to making this Vision as widely available as possible. 

Francis Lucille is a spiritual teacher in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta. A longtime friend and disciple of Jean Klein, whom he met in 1975, Francis transmits the ancient wisdom of nonduality, the common ground of Advaita Vedanta, Cha’an Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Sufism. Francis’ teachings reflect an appreciation for humor, art, music, and poetry while integrating his own passion for the sciences, stemming from his training in Mathematics and Physics.

Caverly Morgan is a spiritual teacher, author, speaker, and nonprofit founder. (Peace in Schools and Presence Collective). She blends the original spirit of Zen with a modern nondual approach. Her practice began in 1995 and she has been teaching contemplative practice since 2001. Caverly is the author of A Kid’s Book About Mindfulness and The Heart of Who We Are: Realizing Freedom Together.

Peter Russell is a writer and speaker who focuses the core truth of spiritual traditions. He is on the faculty of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and a fellow of The World Business Academy and The Findhorn Foundation. He has written a number of books including ‘The Global Brain’. His principal interest is the deeper, spiritual significance of the times we are passing through. His work seeks to distill the essence of the world's spiritual traditions and present it in ways relevant to the current times.

Christopher Wallis (Hareesh) is a Sanskritist, scholar-practitioner of Classical Tantra with thirty years of experience and author of ‘Tantra Illuminated’, 'The Recognition Sutras' and ’Near Enemies of the Truth’. He teaches classical Tantric philosophy. Tantric practices, meditation, Sanskrit, and mantra-science to an engaged online community of practitioners.

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